Moving your residential or commercial belongings can be stressful enough — but when you don’t have a secure place to put those belongings, it can be even more stressful.

Throughout the years of managing our St. Augustine moving company, we’ve encountered many customers whose leases are ending, houses are closing, or whose commercial spaces are no longer available. They may need to be out out of those spaces by a certain date — but can’t move into the new space just yet.

Because we’ve seen it happen so many times — and we understand what a burden it can be — we now offer a temporary storage option that takes the stress out of having somewhere to put your stuff. And as with all of our moving services, we always take the time to pack each of your items with care, so that everything arrives intact and just how you left it.

Simple and Secure Storage Solutions that Work for You

Typically, our temporary storage solutions involve storing your goods in a shipping container in a secure location. The containers are the same ones — or similar — to the ones we would use during our same-day residential or commercial moving service, only for temporary storage, we set those containers down in a secure facility instead of delivering them directly to the new residence or commercial space. You can rest assured that we always take extra care to store your goods in only the safest, most secure locations, so that you end up with every last item you started with.

Our St. Augustine moving professionals take the time to scout out and vet each one of our storage locations, so that your belongings stay protected while they’re in our care.

Temporary Storage for Busy Offices

When your commercial space is in need of a new home — or when you’ve run out of room in your current space — hiring us for temporary storage can take the pressure off having to make a quick decision about where to permanently place those items. Giving our clients the most stress-free experience is what we’re all about — and it’s just one reason you should choose Door to Door Moving and Storage for all your commercial moving and temporary storage needs.

Temporary Storage for Home Owners

Moving from one house to another involves many moving parts — and sometimes, it also means lacking the space to store some of your belongings. When faced with this dilemma, some people are forced to get rid of some of their valuable items — but that won’t have to be the case with you! When you take advantage of our temporary storage option, you have one less thing to tackle in the short term. It’s just another way we strive to make moving as simple as possible for all our residential clients.

It all starts by getting in touch!

For the best moving services and temporary storage solutions, call or email Door to Door Moving and Storage today. We look forward to serving you this time, and for all your future moving needs.