Moving Services for St. Augustine and Beyond

Door 2 Door Movers is the all service moving company that St. Augustine home and business owners trust to deliver their goods on time and damage-free. When it’s time to move across the city or across the country, let Door 2 Door Movers  handle the job for you! For commercial jobs, residential jobs, or for temporary storage, let Door to Door Moving and Storage be the first company you call for all your moving needs.

An Experienced Team

Believe it or not, there’s an art to moving, and it’s one that’s learned through years of experience on the job. At Door 2 Door Movers, our management team and workers have put in the time to understand the art of moving — and you’ll witness it when you see an expertly-packed truck that leaves not an inch to spare! What’s more, our team’s experience means they know just the right materials to use to pack your precious belongings safely — and how to disassemble and re-assemble big pieces of furniture so they end up in the new location, good as new. When we’re not sure how to handle a certain item, we’ll be sure to ask, so that your belongings or office goods get the royal treatment they deserve — and you end up a happy customer! When choosing a moving company, choose the company with experience and you’re sure to get the results you expect, and much more.

Taking the Hassle Out of Moving

Since our team is highly trained and comes with years of experience, you’ll get a hassle-free move where every detail is covered. We start by providing you with detailed packing lists and other materials that can help you prepare for our arrival. On the day of the move, we’ll work within your guidelines to label items and ensure they get delivered to the right room in your new home or office. And since we’re doing the heavy lifting, you’ll have your goods moved without the back-breaking work that comes with do-it-yourself moves! At the end of the day, you’ll have your goods in the new location, and you’ll feel great about the process.

Residential or Commercial

During our years in the moving industry, we’ve packed, lifted and transported many different types of goods — and we don’t shy away from moving items for both commercial and residential customers. For home owners and renters, hiring a moving company means there’s more time for cleaning, handling paperwork, and all of the other details that come with moving. For commercial customers, hiring a mover allows you to keep yourself focused on the ins and outs of your business ventures — and means you won’t have to spend additional hours transporting your files, equipment and furniture when you’re already taking on the extra job of expanding or relocating. When it comes to moving, every job is slightly different. So when you work with us, our first step is to offer you a custom quote for your job. For moving jobs big or small, for commercial or residential properties, get in touch with Door 2 Door Movers today!

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St Augustine FL and the surrounding area. Including but not limited to Jacksonville FL, Palm Coast FL, Ponte Vedra FL, Daytona FL.

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